Why Cold Cream Is Here To Stay

This age-old formulation continues to soothe the skin…

When you think of cold cream, you’re likely transported to a memory of your mother or grandmother, using their favourite formulation as part of their nightly skincare ritual.

But while it’s true that the cold cream is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic preparations—its benefits still apply today. Put simply, cold cream is the name of an emulsion of water and oil—with the ‘cold’ part referring to how it actually feels when applied to the skin. Also known as Galen’s Wax, cold cream is often attributed to the second century Greek physician who is also recognised as one of the most accomplished medical researchers.

In terms of Thalgo, Galen also plays an integral role in the brand’s evolution and is the reason we refer to our products as ‘galenics’ rather than formulations—paying tribute to the principle of preparing and compounding medicines in order to optimise their absorption. Thalgo’s Cold Cream Marine products are also the perfect complement to the rest of the range—as an SOS treatment to soothe, replenish and repair red, irritated or sensitive skin.


Creating A Barrier

As our largest organ, our skin has many roles—but one of its most important is as a protective barrier against exposure to the elements. This, in itself, is a full-time job with our skin having to manage temperature fluctuations, protect us from UV and pollution exposure, deal with hormonal changes or the consequences of a poor diet, exposure to chemicals, toxins and treated water—and protect us from pathogens.

To nurture our skin’s natural barrier function and strengthen its resilience, the key is to support a healthy hydrolipidic film—and critically, the intercellular lipid ‘cement’ which holds the cells together. If we’re unable to do so and the hydrolipidic film becomes compromised, our skin is left in a vulnerable state and we can experience a number of rather uncomfortable symptoms including redness, irritation, extreme dryness and impaired tone and texture.

It’s also important to note the difference between dehydration—which is caused by water loss—and dryness which indicates lipid loss. As the latter can take a little while to replenish, it’s important to support the skin with concentrated nourishment.


The Thalgo ‘Lipid Bandage’

Working on a cellular level to relieve dryness and dehydration, Thalgo’s Cold Cream Marine range soothes hypersensitivity including redness, irritation, rough patches and itchiness. The range features marine active ingredients specially chosen to increasing the tolerance threshold of sensitive skin with 24-hour replenishing water and oil emulsions.


To replenish water reserves:

  • Sève Bleue des Océans is a concentrated marine spring water that is drawn at a depth of 22 metres from an underground pool at the heart of the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany and contains an abundance of trace elements including manganese, silicon and zinc. More highly concentrated than seawater, these trace elements help to replenish depleted dermal water reserves, improve water exchange between the epidermis and dermis and help to repair a compromised hydrolipidic film.

To replenish oil reserves:

  • 100% Marine Algae Oil sourced from a phytoplankton microalgae that contains up to 30 percent EPA-type omega-3 fatty acids—one of the most rare and complex essential fatty acids to be synthesised by the organism. With an exceptional bio-affinity with the skin, this marine ingredient has unparalleled bio-assimilation potential.
  • Marine Wax deriving from brown macroalgae Laminaria ochroleuca and protective olive wax further strengthens and protects the skin’s natural barrier function.

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