The Story Of Thalgo

How algae and seawater transformed what’s possible in skincare…

Seawater and algae form the cornerstone of the Thalgo brand—transforming what’s possible in terms of marine beauty. In essence, they are the DNA of Thalgo.

But the story of Thalgo is a little more complex and spans more than 50 years. In fact, the inspiration for Thalgo was born even earlier when in 1865, the word ‘thalassotherapy’ was first recognised. This new movement integrated the use of seawater in cosmetic and health treatments and continues to be a fairly accurate reflection of what Thalgo creates today.

When visionary pharmacist, André Bouclet, established Thalgo in 1964, it was the world’s first laboratory specialising in skincare products that utilised the bioavailable benefits of algae and marine extracts. And the name Thalgo is literally a combination of the words ‘thalasso’ and ‘algae’. Bouclet’s innovation was also born from the sea itself—when almost three billion years ago, the ocean gave birth to the first form of life on earth: single-cell blue algae. Over time, this incredible organism evolved and transformed, leading to the development of the plant, animal and human kingdoms. Science has since also illustrated the incredible biochemical profile of algae—which contains extraordinary levels of minerals and trace elements that are up to 10,000 times more concentrated than terrestrial plants.

It is not only algae, however, that is famed for its nourishing and healing benefits. Simple seawater has also earned recognition for its ability to regenerate after biologist, René Quinton demonstrated the similarities between the composition of sea water and blood plasma in the early 20th century. Quinton’s Plasma Theory, as it became known, went on to save thousands of children’s lives with the use of marine plasma and undoubtedly inspired Bouclet’s understanding of how closely linked marine extracts were with our own inner environment.


The Creation Of Micronised Marine Algae

The greatest innovation in Thalgo’s history was unquestionably Bouclet’s development of Micronised Marine Algae (MMA) which received a medical patent in 1966. This unique process allowed Bouclet to rupture the algae’s delicate cell wall—whilst preserving the potency and integrity of its contents—and utilise its highly active marine ingredients without degrading them. Containing 18 amino acids, 22 trace elements, sugars, polyphenols and nourishing fatty acids that were easily assimilated by the skin, MMA was prescribed to deliver therapeutic benefits for skin, rheumatic and circulatory disorders.


Thalgo & The Ocean Today

While Thalgo has continued to evolve over the last 50 years, its links to the ocean remain steadfast. It is a symbiotic relationship and Thalgo continues to recognise that the sea is humanity’s greatest natural resource and the origin of all life. While Thalgo has also remained dedicated to its mission to explore the entire world for water rich in trace elements—the reality is that over 80 percent of the ocean floor remains unexplored. We have literally only just scratched the surface which makes the innovations already uncovered by Thalgo even more impressive.

Today, Thalgo’s team continues to remain committed to researching how marine algae and their micronutrients can be of benefit to our beauty, health and wellbeing—studying the bioaffinity of marine molecules and the skin. At its core, Thalgo’s innovative transdermal application of marine extracts continues to be what sets it apart. Supported by clinical studies, every Thalgo product delivers results that can be felt on a cellular level and while the only product that remains in its original format is Plasmalg—today, our customers are able to experience the evolution of Thalgo in its purest form with our Reviving Marine Mist and Marine Algae Cleansing Bar.


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