The Thalgo laboratory and our Marine Expertise relies on a multidisciplinary approach. Our team consists of pharmacists, research engineers, microbiologists and biochemists—and working closely with experienced dermatologists, we are able to harness the innate powers of our active ingredients to develop formulas that are more efficacious than ever. 

The result of this symbiotic relationship between our expertise and our ingredients are galenic forms that reflect the sensory pleasures of the ocean: fresh foamy textures, aqueous gels, refreshing sprays, sun-kissed oils and scrubs with grains of sand. Leaving a luxe finish, the transdermal application of our formulas delivers an abundance of hardworking marine active ingredients deep into the heart of the skin.


While there are five main zones in the world that are known to be rich in marine algae—Japan, South Australia, South Africa, Atlantic Europe and Indo-Australia—Thalgo has remained dedicated to its mission to explore the entire world for water rich in trace elements.

Extending our search beyond French coastlines, we seek to find the world’s richest sources of marine biodiversity. By doing so, we are able to extract the most concentrated and potent marine actives that deliver incomparable biological benefits for the skin’s cells. 

When sourcing, our approach is both respectful and sustainable as our algae are harvested in wild and protected areas according to best practices. We prioritise “green” extraction methods, ensuring we are able to guarantee respect for their reproduction period, control of the harvest area, preserve and protect natural resources and assure the high quality and safety of each extraction.

—Our marine ingredients revitalise body and mind for a more radiant beauty.


Our team has studied over 200 marine ingredients and developed 14 active ingredients that are exclusive to Thalgo—seven of which have been patented. To date, our formulas integrate over 50 marine active ingredients, positioning the Thalgo laboratory as a pioneer in its field.

Our formulas:

Integrate marine ingredients in 100% of our formulas—73% of which are algae.

Utilise algae in every form; including algae oils, powdered algae and algae macerate.

Also include maritime plants—such as samphire and shrubby everlasting—or sea water.

Contain marine active minerals (eg. marine calcium and magnesium), trace elements (eg. marine silicon and zinc), vitamins and amino acids.

Also include other active ingredients that are mostly natural or already found in the skin—such as hyaluronic acid.