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The Marine World: Our Exploration Territory

Thalgo was created by a pharmacist, André Bouclet, from his passion for the marinee world and its invaluable riches.

Hidden deep in the oceans’ depths are a multitude of treasures such as minerals, highly assimilable trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and other active molecules, secreted by the flora and fauna to help them survive in their hostile environment.
In 1964, supported by the work of René Quinton and Professors Dubarry and Guelfi, and convinced that the marine world would be the source of great therapeutic and cosmetic discoveries in the decades to come, André Bouclet created BLC Laboratories, which specialised in skincare products formulated with algae and marine extracts intended for the medical world and thalassotherapy

Algues   Algues


At the leading edge of Marine Research, André Bouclet made a major discovery in the world of marine skincare and developed a unique and patented ALGAE MICRONISATION process

In 1966, he registered a MEDICAL PATENT confirming the therapeutic benefits of MICRONISED ALGAE and protecting the exclusive composition that he had created from 3 algae selected for their rich mineral content.

This 100% natural algae powder is still used for its detoxifying, remineralising, sebo-regulating and regenerating potential.

Unique and patented Algae 
Micronisation process

Micronised algae 
medical patent

Unique and patented combination of
3 algae with unrivalled powers

Algues Algues Algues


These major scientific breakthroughs, acknowledged by the medical and scientific communities, enabled the THALGO brand, registered by André Bouclet in 1968, to gain a strong and permanent foothold in the field of Thalassotherapy, thus establishing its position as a key player.

In 1978, Thalgo became a legitimate contender in the Wellness and Beauty world with the creation of a Marine Cosmetics range.

For more than 40 years, carried by the same convictions and the same passion as André Bouclet, the Thalgo Research Centre has continued to explore the oceans in order to develop Power of Marine Spa and Beauty.

Today, Thalgo is considered a pioneer in Thalassotherapy, and the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.

Thalgo la Baule Thalassothérapy Centre: The Brand's Long-Standing Partner

Thalgo La Baule   Thalgo La Baule


Thalgo, La Beaute Marine :

From 48 years, Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Products for Spa and Beauty.
Working closely with renowned phycologists, the Thalgo Research Centre is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties. Each Thalgo product is a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer Professional Excellence to every woman in the world. Created from the sea, Thalgo has a duty to minimise its ecological footprint. Our Commitment to Nature is at the very core of the brand's DNA and guides all stages of our developments for Safe Beauty and a more beautiful nature. This philosophy positions Thalgo as the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.