Thalgo’s Mission To Protect The Ocean

Written by Michaela Chanmugam


Posted on October 27 2021

Our partnership with The Sea Cleaners…

Thalgo was born of the oceans and is forever inspired by the nourishing marine energy found in its depths. But beyond its efforts to incorporate active marine ingredients into its skincare products—Thalgo is also deeply committed to protecting and preserving the world’s marine environments.

Thanks to the presence of marine plants, the ocean is responsible for releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere than all the forests in the world. But due to pollution (most of which is created by humans), the health of our oceans is becoming increasingly more vulnerable. Currently, this ecosystem is being asphyxiated by aquatic pollution—80 percent of which comes from land. Worse still, every single year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic is discharged into the ocean. With one item of plastic waste for every five fish—if nothing is done now, in just 30 years, there will sadly be more plastic than fish in our oceans. It’s time to change the story.

Dedicated to creating a new paradigm within the beauty industry of safety, responsibility and sustainability—Thalgo is committed to protecting the sea and its biodiversity for future generations. While there are a number of actions Thalgo is able to take on as a brand—including conducting regular beach clean-up operations and conducting brand awareness campaigns—its partnership with The SeaCleaners is set to revolutionise what’s possible in terms of protecting our oceans.


Thalgo X The SeaCleaners

Joining forces in 2021, Thalgo and The SeaCleaners established a close partnership that accelerates the mission to protect and preserve the ocean. Founded by environmental activist and gladiator of the seas, Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners is an organisation that is dedicated to fighting for a pollution-free ocean.

Inspired to take action after sailing the seas and being literally blocked by ocean pollution several times a day, Bourgnon realised that a sustainable solution to pollution was in his hands. After returning to land, he launched The SeaCleaners and subsequently the Manta project.

Higher, longer and wider than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Manta is a sea giant that is aptly named after a ray whose measurements and abilities defy the laws of nature. This incredible vessel has been specifically designed to remove, clean up and recycle ocean pollution—all while leaving a minimal environmental footprint—and is set to collect 300 days a year, with a goal of three tonnes of plastic per hour.

In addition to the Manta project, Thalgo and The SeaCleaners also remain dedicated to actions they are able to instigate on land. This includes encouraging the general public to take individual responsibility by reducing their plastic consumption as well as collaborating on coastal clean-ups along marine coastlines, river shores, beaches and riverbanks. By collecting plastic macrowaste before it reaches tributaries, rivers and then the sea—we are able to better protect the marine ecosystem and its delicate microbiome from irreversible pollution.

While we may all acknowledge the impact plastic pollution has on our environment—we must unite and take action in order to protect our future. The time is now.


To find out more about The SeaCleaners and The Manta Project visit 


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