Introducing NEW Source Marine

Written by Ashley Cameron


Posted on October 27 2021

The antidote to dehydrated, thirsty skin...

There’s no question that French skincare has always inspired a cult-following—with premium textures, fragrances and that je ne sais quoi that French women effortlessly embody.

The truth is, however, as with any skincare product, the proof is in the pudding and no matter its Insta-worthy image, the goop needs to deliver the goods. As a brand, Thalgo innately understands this and is proud to deliver premium French formulas that are as innovative as that are efficacious—especially when it comes to treating specific skin concerns.

Since its inception, Thalgo has been treating dehydration with its Source Marine range—remineralising and revitalising the skin with active ingredients including Sève Bleue des Océans and Thalgo’s patented Micronised Marine Algae. With a supercharged new formula, this hydrating range is set to transform your skincare regime and deliver deep hydration to your skin.


What Causes Dehydrated Skin?

Although the terms dry and dehydrated are often used interchangeably when it comes to skin, they refer to different concerns—dry skin is due to a lack of oil while dehydrated skin is all about water.

Caused by a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, dehydrated skin can be due to ageing or hormonal imbalances, or environmental aggressors such as UV light, air conditioning, smoking or exposure to pollution. No matter its cause, however, dehydrated skin means that your natural water reserves have become depleted, leaving your skin feeling thirsty and looking dull, lacklustre and increasingly lined. Worse still, dehydration can weaken the skin’s natural defences and speed up Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) which impairs the skin’s natural functions.

As the skin is naturally made up of 70 percent water, for strong, healthy, resilient skin, it’s important to prioritise hydration when it comes to choosing your skincare. Enter: NEW Source Marine.


How Does Source Marine Remedy Dehydrated Skin?

With a complex formula that combines the remineralising benefits of Sève Bleue des Océans and Micronised Marine Algae (MMA), Thalgo’s Source Marine range is even better than ever and is designed to provide long-lasting hydration for even the thirstiest skin—on a daily basis.

Naturally-rich in marine manganese, silicon and zinc, Sève Bleue des Océans is concentrated marine spring water that we extract from an underground reserve. Drawn at a depth of 22 metres from an underground pool at the heart of the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, this powerful ocean spring naturally charges the water with an abundance of minerals that are essential for skin health. These trace elements not only nourish the skin on a cellular level but help to correct dehydration by repairing a compromised hydrolipidic barrier, restoring the skin’s dermal water reserves and optimising the circulation of water between the dermis and epidermis. As a result, skin feels firmer, more moisturised and innately glowy.

The other powerhouse ingredient is, of course, our Micronised Marine Algae Filtrate which is the cornerstone of all Thalgo products. Derived from three different forms of marine algae, this nourishing complex is charged with 14 marine micronutrients which are essential for skin health, strengthening its natural defences and providing deep, cellular hydration. Working synergistically, these micronutrients are easily assimilated by the skin and not only strengthen the skin’s dermal structure—increasing its natural ability to defend itself against external stressors—but also helps to maintain skin hydration.

The new evolution of Source Marine also contains a minimum of 92 percent natural ingredients and is an entirely clean formula without endocrine disrupting chemicals, irritating or allergenic ingredients, mineral oils or ingredients derived from animal origins. And, it reflects Thalgo’s commitment to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly future, utilising green packaging and a refillable pebble jar. Put simply, it’s marine beauty that will revolutionise how you think of skincare.


Discover the intense hydration of Source Marine by exploring our range here. Or, visit one of our Thalgo spas and salons to experience the transformative effects of a Source Marine treatment.


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