Everything You Need To Know About Our Marine Collagen Supplement

From the marine beauty experts…

Inspired by the marine energy of the ocean, Thalgo’s collection of products and professional treatments brings together the anti-ageing benefits of marine algae extracts with mineral-rich seawater to transform your beauty, health and wellbeing.

Given that our inner wellbeing and outer beauty are inextricably linked—we must not only support our skin with topical solutions, but nurture and nourish our inner health, too, if we are to experience radiant, resilient skin. And this is why Thalgo created Thalgo Collagène 10 000—a potent marine collagen inner beauty supplement designed to plump, smooth and firm skin from within.

With so many collagen supplements available these days—from marine to bovine and even so-called ‘vegan’ collagen supplements—it can be understandably difficult to discern between them. Here’s everything you need to know about why collagen supplements should form an integral part of your skincare routine, as well as how Thalgo Collagène 10 000 can support your skin goals and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Why Is Collagen So Important?

As the most abundant protein in the human body, collagen ensures the integrity, elasticity and strength of our body’s connective tissues and maintains the form and function of our skin, cartilage and bones. While our body naturally produces collagen, unfortunately this process declines as we age which is why it’s beneficial to consume enough of the amino acids required to build and boost our natural collagen stores—and also supplement with collagen, especially given the research to support its benefits continues to mount. In fact, there is now evidence to illustrate that when it comes to skin, marine collagen supplements can improve skin hydration and elasticity, support collagen synthesis and increase collagen density—resulting in firmer, plumper skin.

But Why Marine Collagen? While collagen can come from a number of different sources—including bovine and marine sources—the latter has become increasingly more popular due to its sustainability factors. There is also a lot of talk about collagen peptides and hydrolysed collagen but the terms can both be used interchangeably when talking about the same product. Put simply, collagen peptides indicate that the peptides in the product derive from collagen, whereas hydrolysed collagen refers to the process of hydrolyzation which produces the collagen peptides. Hydrolyzed collagen—like what is found in our Thalgo Collagène 10 000 supplement—is also more bioavailable as the larger collagen proteins have already been broken down into smaller peptides, making them more easily digestible and assimilated by the body.

Although there are now also ‘vegan’ collagen supplements available—the scientific developments that have allowed vegan collagen to be manufactured is still relatively new technology and most vegan collagen supplements are, in fact, collagen boosters. These products do not contain any natural collagen or amino acids, but instead are rich in the vitamins and minerals—most often, vitamin C—that the body requires to naturally synthesise collagen. It’s therefore important as a consumer to do your research when choosing your collagen supplement—especially if you’re keen to experience clinically proven results.

The Thalgo Difference Since the launch of Thalgo’s first collagen peptide supplement in 2005, it’s fair to say that not only has the market expanded—but the science has also advanced immeasurably. This is why, in 2021 when Thalgo relaunched Thalgo Collagène 10 000, the results were mind-blowing.

Containing 10g of natural marine collagen peptides, this innovative new formula delivers transformative results—boosting the neosynthesis of cutaneous hyaluronic acid and collagen to literally ‘fill up’ and plump wrinkles from within. Supported by a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 47 participants, we discovered that Thalgo Collagène 10 000 also reduced surface wrinkles by an incredible 26 percent.

This delicious peach-flavoured concentrate is the perfect complement to your outer skincare regime and alongside collagen peptides, also contains zinc which assists with skin healing and protects from oxidative stress. The result? Firm, glowing, more youthful-looking skin.



To experience the results for yourself, join our Collagen 10 000 12-week Challenge. This comprehensive program is the perfect kickstart for your skin and we promise, clinically proven results.



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