Destress, Detox & Discover Your Best Skin

The products and treatments you need to know…

When it comes to achieving radiant, resilient skin, we all know the basics: consistent, effective skincare, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and regular, targeted treatments.

But while these elements are all relatively within our control, there are a number of lifestyle and environmental factors which can negatively impact our skin over time. Beyond smoking, pollution, over-exposure to UV and poor eating habits—the worst offender is stress. In our busy modern lives, stress can manifest in a myriad of ways and affect us both psychologically and physiologically. While we are all broadly familiar with the effects of stress on our overall health and wellbeing, the truth is, stress—no matter its source—can also affect our skin.

Although impossible to avoid entirely, to protect our skin from the ongoing effects of stress, the key is to determine its source, learn how best to manage it and combat it with lifestyle tweaks and treatments that can help protect and prevent future damage.


How Does Stress Impact Skin?

As our largest organ, our skin can tell us a lot about the state of our overall health and wellbeing. And it can certainly let us know when we’re feeling or experiencing the effects of stress. In fact, studies show stress can influence our skin in a number of ways and contribute to accelerated ageing—including the degradation of collagen and elastin which means a less plump, bouncy complexion—dry skin, reduced or impaired skin barrier function, a limited ability to protect, repair and renew as well as being predisposed to more inflammatory skin issues such as acne or eczema.

Unfortunately, too, when it comes to our skin, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s psychological, environmental or lifestyle stress either. All of the above expose our skin to oxidative stress, causing an influx of free radicals—unstable compounds that damage cells and lead to ageing—and causes ‘skin fatigue’. Put simply, stressed skin is tired skin which means it’s more likely to be dehydrated, sallow, saggy, irritated, more easily damaged (due to a loss of epidermal lipids which damages the skin barrier function) and subsequently, much slower to regenerate and renew itself. It’s also a vicious cycle. As the skin becomes less resilient, skin fatigue can truly exacerbate the ageing process and result in an uneven complexion, deeper wrinkles, more drawn features, dull, tired eyes and deeper expression lines.

So, What Can We Do To Destress?

While there is no quick-fix to combating stress, it’s important to take a more realistic, holistic approach by nurturing our inner and outer health equally. In terms of our lifestyle, we can be more mindful of our sleeping habits, try to reduce our exposure to environmental stressors such as toxins, ultraviolet light and pollution—as well as watching our intake of irritants such as alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars—which can not only impair our gut health long-term, but also exacerbate glycation and speed up the degradation of collagen and elastin in the skin.

To really ramp up and protect your skin from stress, however, a gentle detox can also be beneficial. Although the term ‘detox’ is often conflated with restricted and rigorous health and lifestyle regimes—Thalgo offers a more realistic approach with its Spiruline Boost Detox Program. Featuring a nourishing treatment, a 7-day ‘inner and outer’ booster program as well as a 28-day daily home care program, it’s designed to nourish both your inner and outer health, for improved vitality, wellbeing and more glowing, resilient skin.


Here’s how it works…

The Smoothing Detoxifying Facial includes an alginate peel off mask which has been clinically proven to reduce polluting particles by 69.5 percent.

The 7-day ‘inner and outer’ detox program includes a daily Energising Detox Shot drink containing organic spirulina and chlorella as well as marine magnesium and vitamin C to support the body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate accumulated toxins and heavy metals. It also includes the daily topical application of the Energising Booster Concentrate. Formulated with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, spirulina and marine magnesium, this potent booster contains highly bioavailable active nutrients which are easily absorbed by the skin, optimising epidermal renewal and structure, reducing the signs of skin ageing and mitigating the impact of urban stress.

The 28-day home care program includes a Serum, Gel-Cream and Eye Gel which work synergistically to fight the signs of skin ageing. Customers report a 96 percent improvement in radiance while a clinical study has shown a 45 percent reduction in the appearance of dark circles.