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The Thalgo Aurore Asso Partnership

Aurore Asso - Thalgo

The Thalgo Aurore Asso partnership was born through our shared mission - the casues we both defend

The quest for aquatic well-being

The rocking movements of the waves, the powerful marine climate, rich sea salts...all unique sources of vitality and relaxation to help replenish our bodies and regenerate our minds. THALGO products concentrate this energy force to ensure that the sea is always at your side, every day and wherever you are in the world.

The protection of our seabeds

Working with associations for the protection of our seabeds, Aurore spearheads projects aimed at raising awareness of the fragility of our marine sources.

Her major project Les 7 Merveilles du Monde Aquatique (The Seven Wonders of the Aquatic World) intends to mobilise           public opinion on the vulnerability of our vital quatic resources

The prodigious power of marine substances

Free-diving involved intense physical and mental preparation, muscle relaxation and recovery are essential.

Deeply convinced of the powers of the ocean's treasures, Aurore Asso relies on the beneficial effects of THALGO's marine treatments when preparing for and recovering from her training dives and competitions

Ebvery day, she uses THALGO products to protect, strengthen and nourish her skin, which is under permanent attack from the wind, the sun and dryness, thus achieving a perfect harmony between her passion and your skincare need

Thalgo pursues an active approach for the preservation of marine wealth and biodiversity.

Today, Thalgo is taking its commitment even further alongside Aurore Asso, three-time French free-diving champion and ranked no. 2 in the world.

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Thalgo, La Beaute Marine :

From 48 years, Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Products for Spa and Beauty.
Working closely with renowned phycologists, the Thalgo Research Centre is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties. Each Thalgo product is a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer Professional Excellence to every woman in the world. Created from the sea, Thalgo has a duty to minimise its ecological footprint. Our Commitment to Nature is at the very core of the brand's DNA and guides all stages of our developments for Safe Beauty and a more beautiful nature. This philosophy positions Thalgo as the World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics.