Lagoon Bath

Spa - Îles Pacifique

6 x 25g
SKU: 19004



These individual pebbles provide the ultimate pampering, transforming bath water to a crystal blue lagoon. The deeply relaxing aquatic scent combines with tuberous Water Lily, while Marine Algae conditions the skin, leaving you with a blissful lagoon getaway feeling.


This lagoon-blue bath leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation in this effervescent bath. Leaves skin delicately scented.

How To Use

Lie back in water at 37 °C and place a Lagoon Bath Pebble behind your back. The pebble instantly releases hundreds of relaxing microbubbles and marine algae to condition the skin.


Marine Complex, Spirulina Microalgae, and White Waterlily.