Stomach and Waist Sculptor


SKU: VT15022



This light emulsion, scented with notes of tangerine, white peach and jasmine is easily massaged into the skin and helps to firm and tighten the abdominal area.


The skin is visibly smoother, more toned and firmer. The stomach and waist are redefined for a more harmonious figure. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS Reduction of up to 4 cm in waist circumference* Smoother and firmer skin**: 95% More harmonious figure**: 90% More toned skin**: 90% Redefined ab and waist area**: 76% * Clinical test: average measurement of abdomen circumference: 0.6 cm on 21 women ** Selfassessment, percentage of volunteers agreeing with the claim.

How To Use

Professional tips for use in the morning and/or night: 1. Apply the product to the stomach, waist and hips. 2. Perform circular massage movements with phalanges (finger tips), in a clockwise motion, followed by deep downward gliding movements from the waist to the navel. 3. Make kneading movements, then deep gliding movements once again until the product is completely absorbed.


Plankton Complex, Marine Silicium Complex And Zingiber Zerumbet Plant Extract.